I am a 40 yr old mommy of two beautiful little girls, ages 7 & 10 and am married to an amazing man. I underwent a total body, mind, and soul transformation starting 6 years ago. I lost 120 pounds, half of me. It took me 2 years to lose all of the weight. I did this through daily exercise, weight training, proper nutrition, and a whole lot of soul searching. Once I hit my goal weight, I then underwent a full body lift surgery to remove all of my hanging skin. Along this crazy rollercoaster of a ride, I have not only learned how to live a healthy lifestyle but have learned priceless lessons about who I was, who I became, and who I want to be. My passion is to inspire women to look inside themselves and see how amazing they truly are. We all are beautiful creatures, we all have a purpose here, and we all owe it to the world around us to shine our light like it was meant to be shone. And we all owe it to ourselves to freely, happily, and unapologetically be absolutely nobody else but ourselves. It's time to start living your life according to YOUR inner voice and following YOUR dreams. You only get one life... live it your way.