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Start your weight loss off right! This guide will teach you how to kick ass and take names throughout your journey! The key to losing weight is setting yourself up for success. There is no better way to do that than to consistently meal prep! Find out what kinds of foods I ate to lose over 120 pounds! I am gifting to you one of my personal meal plans and I walk you through step-by-step on how to meal prep for all of it!

My guide will give you everything you need: a meal plan, recipes for every single meal and snack (including their nutritional information), a guide that walks you through meal prep for your entire meal plan, a shopping list you can take to the store, shopping tips, money saving tips, and more. I even tell you the exact products I bought, where I bought them, and how much they were! No stone is left unturned in this guide!

Meal prepping is your ticket to success!

It's time for you to lose this weight once and for all!


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