4 Week KETO Meal Plan & Prep Guide

4 Week KETO Meal Plan & Prep Guide



This keto meal plan and meal prep guide is the most comprehensive and thorough keto meal plan and meal prepping guide on the market. This plan has figured everything out for you already. No stone has been left unturned. This plan will eliminate all of the sabotaging mental anguish that usually trips you up and will give you easy-to-understand, step-by-step instructions on how to succeed. This meal plan will help you enter into ketosis and then help keep you there so that your body continues to burn fat for you.

Being prepared and having a plan to follow is the key to success. It takes the stress out of the journey. No more searching for something healthy to eat, no more panic over what to make for dinner, and no more skipping meals or worse, giving into unhealthy foods because there isn’t anything prepared. With a clear and concise plan, you don't even have to think... you just DO! All emotion and anxiety disappears when you're prepared. 

You don’t have to feel bad about not being motivated enough. You actually don’t need to be motivated at all. You simply need to have a plan!


4 Weeks of Breakfasts For 1 Adult*
4 Weeks of Lunches For 1 Adult*
4 Weeks of Snacks For 1 Adult*
4 Weeks of Dinners For A Family of Four
*Breakfasts, lunches, and snacks can easily be doubled to accommodate 2 adults.

50 DELICIOUS KETO MEAL PLAN RECIPES: Breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks. Recipes are quick and easy to make and include nutritional information/macros.
STEP-BY-STEP MEAL PREP GUIDE: An easy-to-follow tutorial on how to meal prep your food for each week. This guide eliminates any guesswork and all stress from your weight loss process.
COMPLETE BEGINNER'S GUIDE TO A KETOGENIC DIET: Learn everything you need to know about the ketogenic diet and how ketosis works in this comprehensive and educational guide.
OVER 50 ADDITIONAL KETO RECIPES: These added to the meal plan recipes makes for a total of over 100 keto recipes, which is enough variety to create more than 6 month's worth of meal plans.
FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE WEEKLY MEAL PLAN CALENDAR SHEETS: You can customize future meal plans long after you successfully finish your 4-week meal plan.
WEEKLY SHOPPING LISTS: Save time and stress with already completed shopping lists. No worrying about what to buy or forgetting items.
WEEKLY DINNER GUIDES: Each week comes with a helpful guide that walks you through each dinner and offers suggestions for your non-keto family members so that dinner appeals to everyone. No more cooking two dinners when dieting!
GUIDE TO MANUALLY CALCULATE BMI AND BFP: Learn how to calculate BMI (Body Mass Index) and BFP (Body Fat Percentage) so that you can measure your success and progress in even more ways.
MONEY SAVING GUIDE: A valuable list of ways to save money when food shopping to get the very most out of each dollar.
SHOPPING GUIDE: A list of healthy shopping tips on how to make the very best decisions during grocery visits.
ADDITIONAL GUIDES: Included are guides on how to lose weight even faster and how to meal prep like a boss. Food storage tips and exercise tips are also throughout the meal plan to make it even easier for you to succeed.
KETO-APPROVED FOOD CHARTS: Separate charts listing keto-approved veggies, fruit, snacks, drinks, condiments/flavors, and desserts for quick and convenient look-ups and ideas.
RESOURCES TO HELP YOU CRUSH YOUR GOALS: I offer you multiple resources to help you through your journey, including private admittance to my closed Keto Facebook group where you’ll receive daily keto tips and recipes as well as access to direct communication with me.

BONUS #1: FREE 7-DAY NO MEAL PREP MEAL PLAN: Stay on track on those super busy days or weeks when there is no time to meal prep with this super convenient no-prep keto meal plan.
BONUS# 2: FREE GIFT- KETO TRACKING JOURNAL: Log your daily food, exercise, and macros in this keto journal to keep you accountable and increase your chances of success. Also included is an Inches Lost Chart to keep track of your measurements as well as a fun visual weight loss chart and a Calorie Counting Guide. 
BONUS #3: FREE GIFT- RETRACTABLE MEASURING TAPE: This works perfectly with your Inches Lost worksheets in your Keto Tracking Journal so that you can easily and accurately keep track of your progress by logging your measurements on a regular basis. Taking bodily measurements is a far more superior way of tracking success than the flawed scale.
BONUS #4: FREE GIFT- LARGE TOTE (18” x 14.5”): Use this roomy and stylish tote to keep all of your materials in one place or for any other purpose you’d like!  


*Individual results may vary. There are no guarantees on weight loss.

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*Individual results may vary. There are no guarantees on weight loss.








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