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Kickass Fall Stuff

Kickass Fall Stuff

Warning: Adult Language:

Please do not read any further if you are offended by adult language.


My little girls in our backyard. They love playing in leaf piles and I love watching them have so much fun.

My little girls in our backyard. They love playing in leaf piles and I love watching them have so much fun.

Let me just apologize now for my obsession with all that is Halloween and Autumn. I can't promise this will be the only blog post that pertains to the amazingness that is October. In fact, I can guarantee you that it won't be. I can't help it... and I'm not sorry.

It's hard to explain why Fall does what it does to me. I just love it beyond words. Fall is a feast for the senses. The colors, smells, foods, the crisp air, the bonfires, the cozy blankets, and the dope ass boots. 

Everything about it settles into my soul and makes me feel different. It makes me feel at peace. I don't even care why, I'm just thankful that it does. I'm also thankful that I live in a part of the world that has all four seasons. It's super cool to get to experience all of them. But Fall... Fall is what I look forward to the most. 

I'm assuming you get that I like Fall by now. Well Halloween is a whole other realm for me. There are no words to describe how much I adore Halloween. I'll just keep it short and not-so-sweet...

Halloween is my shit.

So of course, some of my features are Halloween items.

I always have about 10 blog articles swirling around in my head at any given time. Lately, I just kept coming back to the idea of blogging about some of my recent kick ass Fall finds. Finally I decided to just write the damn thing so my brain would just shut up about it. 

First up are these ridiculously fabulous ornaments.

Seriously, could these wooden Halloween ornaments be anymore awesome No. No they couldn't. I found these adorable creepy gems at Pier 1 Imports. From the moment I laid my eyes on them I knew there was no possible way I was leaving without them. It was love at first fright. 

Here we have Frankenstein. I love how they made him sport some gold chain swag and dressed him in all black. They totally ganstered him out. I mean we all know Mary Shelley's Frankenstein monster was created in Germany...  but I'm thinking this Frankie is from Jersey ;)

Ah, here we have the one and only Bride of Frankenstein. I love her little white-netted wedding dress. And how 'bout her white, lightening bolt-shaped highlight? Forget about it!

This is the Jailer Ornament. OMG, he has his very own ball and chain, I can't even take it! And can we just take a moment and look at his pink mohawk and gold earrings? Good God there are no words for how much I love this. The rad factor is off the charts. Can I keep him up all year round? Yes. Yes, I can.

This is the Thief Ornament. He too is rocking the gold earrings as well as a robber mask. 

I hung my ornaments up amongst the Halloween lights and spider webs that I have on the side of my dining room hutch. If you too want these insanely cool ornaments, then stop in your nearest Pier 1 Imports store.

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Up next... ZOMBIES.

Ah, my love for zombies never wanes. Can't get enough. We took a family trip to Home Depot last month (Ya, I know, super exciting) and my youngest was flipping out about something she found. When I turned around and saw her, I seriously almost died. 

You can also get these Zombie Chia Pets HERE!

ZOMBIE CHIA PETS!! No way! Omg nothing could meld my love of zombies and my geekery more perfectly. I was sold!

And no, I did not ask Jossy to make the zombie face. But I'm assuming maybe, possibly, a little of my Halloween and Zombie obsessions have trickled down just a bit to my girls. Just a teensy bit ;)

As you can see, our Zombie Chia Pet REALLY did turn out looking just like the one on the box! So cool! It's only been growing for about six days. We can't wait to see it in another week!

I mean how can you not love Chia Pets? They are just too epically silly to not love. And then have them zombie-themed? Forget about it.

If you have kiddos, or you're a kid at heart... or a zombie freak like me, definitely give these suckers a try! Since Home Depot, I've seen them at several other retail stores including Hell-Mart. 

There's actually 4 Zombie Chia Pets you can pick from.



Okay, who doesn't love scratch off lottery tickets? Uh, no one that's who. Can you even get enough of this year's Halloween scratch offs? 


It's the perfect gift for kids who get way too much candy already. Ya I know, scratch offs are only supposed to be for grown-ups... blah blah blah. Scratch-offs are fun and kids love them. And let's face it, you're not gonna win big anyway (But omg wouldn't it be awesome if you did! ;) It's just something different and fun to give them instead of a big bag full of diabetes. Besides, mom and dad get a cut if there are winnings. A really big cut :)

Changing gears here. Going from Monster-y cool shit to nostalgic home-y shit.

AUTUMN AROMAS. Ah... the smell of Fall. These smells just make me feel so happy!

Yankee Candle is my favorite candle company. It's definitely not the only candle I'll buy, but they are my favorite. They last the longest and have the strongest fragrances. 

My two favorite fall scents are PUMPKIN SPICE and HARVEST.

Yankee Candle's Pumpkin Spice Candle has that amazing way of instantly transforming your room into a Fall haven. As soon as you smell it, it immediately reminds you of Autumn, holidays, pumpkin pie, and warm, fuzzy feelings. This is my husband's favorite Fall scent. I also have this scent for my warmer in the kitchen. Every time he walks in he says "That smells SOOO good." Likewise, everybody who walks into my home tells me that it smells wonderful. Thank you, Yankee Candle :)

Yankee Candle's Harvest Candle is my all-time favorite Fall scent. I have no idea how Yankee Candle does it, but in this one candle is every smell you could possibly associate with Fall. As you can see in the pic, I'm running low. I need to get more! 

PIER 1 IMPORTS has a wonderful line out called SPICED CAKE.

OMG IS IT AMAZING! Here is the room spray. I keep mine in the bathroom but am constantly getting it and spraying it all over the house. It is fabulous. Even my little girls love it... and since when do 7 and 10 year olds care about room spray?

I also bought the hand soap and a jarred candle in Spiced Cake. They smell so yummy. I have to say though, the candle is not as strong as a Yankee Candle... but it is definitely still very smellable (It's a word. I think.).

I have to admit, I definitely have a case of OWL LOVE. However, I feel like I arrived late to the owl party. I just started liking them a few years ago. I know they've been a thing for like, oh idk, 40 years now. But hey, I'm here now.

I found these adorable burlap owl lights at Target. If you like owls, you'll love these little guys. I'm waiting until after Halloween to put mine up. Right now my house looks like a Halloween explosion went off. I don't want them to get lost in the sea of ghosts and goblins. I want them to shine all on their own.

Here's a fun idea for the Thanksgiving table!

I think everybody has had to sit at the kiddie table at least once in their life. I was at that damn thing until my mid 20s! Growing up in a huge Italian family and having a kazillion cousins, I think our kid table was bigger than the grown-up table. Man, when you finally graduated to the 'real' table, it was like hitting the lottery... and you got to rub it in to all the cousins still sitting there with their knees up to their chins. Haha! Have fun eating, suckas!

I found this cute paper table cloth for only $1.97 at Hell-Mart. Such a simple but ingenious idea! My little girls will love doodling and coloring with crayons on this table cloth. It'll help pass the time for them while I'm scrambling in the kitchen with the big bird and 45 sides. 

I mean if you can get the kids to stop yapping and asking when dinner will be ready for $1.97, well Amen to that!

Happy Fall, Everyone!



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