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The Perfect Late Night TV Snack

The Perfect Late Night TV Snack

Warning: Adult language

Please do not read any further if you are offended by adult language.


I can't get enough of these suckers. I have to be honest, I'm pretty much a crack head with these things. Not joking. You see, pummelos are only in season from December - Early March (at least where I live anyway). So I have to basically overdose on these things to feel like I've had enough to tide me over until the next year. 

Pummelos are from southeastern Asia and taste a lot like grapefruits, but sweeter.


Because they’re a major pain in the ass to eat.

Yup, you read that right. Let me explain. 

I was looking for a new TV food. Ya, ya, I know, you’re not supposed to eat at night while you’re watching TV. Well, I have to. Well ok, I don’t have to but… no screw it, I have to. 

Anyway, my hubs and I are the DVR king and queen. We haven’t been able to watch a TV show at it’s regularly scheduled time since the early 2000’s. Rugrats have that effect on grown-up schedules. It’s impossible to get through a show without filling up a sippy cup, tending to a boo-boo, finding a lost toy, or wiping an ass. So most nights Jay and I get the kiddies to bed and try to catch up on our 178 back-logged DVR recordings. By this time it’s been about 4-5 hours since supper. During the day, I eat every 3 hours, so by the time I hit the 4-5 hour mark, I’m ready to eat the couch.

Even though I’m starving and I know I need to eat a snack, I need to be careful so I don't ruin my day’s hard work. And TV snacking can be VERY dangerous. It’s so easy to lose track of how much you’re eating when you’re lost in a show.


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Pummelos take FOREVER to eat. 

You have to remove ALL the layers to eat them. So by the time I’m done with one, I’ve been eating during the entire TV show and I feel satisfied. If I’d eat a quick handful of nuts or a banana, my snack wouldn’t even last through the opening credits. And I’d want to keep eating. My usual TV snack is edamames.  Edamames also take a long time to eat because you have to work to get to the good stuff by opening up all the pods. But come wintertime when my pummelos are only available for a few months, I shit-can the edamames. 

I thought it would be a good idea to give you a pictorial tutorial on how to peel a pummelo. I've had a couple friends that have called me after trying a pummelo (because I tell everyone to try them) and they said they couldn't eat them because the skin was too thick. They only took the peel and first layer of skin off. You must take the second skin off as well. You have to remove every bit of the skin. It’s not like an orange where you peel it and then eat the pieces. You have to get down to the raw flesh of the fruit. 


If you want to laugh until you cry, then read my article, "A Fruit Market Disaster". It's something insane that happened to me while I was out buying pummelos. I don't know why crazy shit happens to me everywhere I go. But man, it really does.



1. Score the peel with a knife so that you can easily peel down the outer sections.

After removing the peel, you'll see the first layer of skin. It's very thick.

2. Peel off that layer of skin.

The second layer of skin that's still left ALSO needs removed.

3. Pull each individual piece of the pummelo and remove all of the skin down to the raw flesh of the fruit.


Pummelos are loaded with vitamins and minerals. Just one cup provides 200% of your daily vitamin C! They are crazy good for you! What a great food to eat in the winter when all the flu and stomach cooties are lurking all around us.

Pummelos are also huge! So they fill you up. In fact, I usually only eat a half of one for my TV snack. My hubs usually eats the other half (lucky bastard doesn't have to do a lick of work to unpeel it!).

For detailed nutritional information on a pummelo, click here.

Go buy some pummelos and try something new and healthy!





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