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A Healthy Girl's Best Friend

A Healthy Girl's Best Friend

Warning: Adult language

Please do not read any further if you are offended by adult language.


Okay, I have been meaning to post this blog for forever. Seriously. Well today is the today. It's happening. Geez, what is wrong with me? Don't answer that. We don't have that kind of friggin time.

Alright. Here's the deal. You want to be healthier this year, right? You're trying to lose weight or at the very least trying to be more healthy, yes? Yes. Either way, less sugar has to be a part of your plan. 

Sugar is bad. Sugar is addictive. Sugar makes you gain weight. Ya ya ya, we all know this. So, what do you use instead of sugar? 

Well don't even think about using the fake, artificial sweeteners out there! They are straight up poison. 

No exaggeration, folks. They are pure chemical warfare for your body and in turn your body has no idea how to process them (because they are not real food). In fact, countless studies have shown they actually CAUSE weight gain! Stay away from them. Period.

Now this blog post isn't going to be about all the countless dangers of artificial sweeteners. Lord knows I've touched on this subject many times before and quite honestly, I'm just too excited about this product to bring the party down with Debbie Downer Toxic-Fake-Sweetener Talk. I'm keeping shit light today.

So let me give you a sneak peak of your new best friend...

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Okay, before moving on... Important fact: I'm a coffee junkie. Don't get me wrong, I love tea too. But coffee has me in it's grips. If I had to live without tea, I would be sad and miss it terribly... and I'd probably write a melancholy poem about it. But if I had to live without coffee, everybody in my life would leave me after about two days, I'd be stuck in a fetal position rocking back and forth all day, and I'd have to lull myself to sleep each night by the sound of my own whimpers. But it's okay, I won't ever let that happen. I love my family way too much to ever give up coffee. It's my unselfish and protective nature. I would never put them in that kind of danger.

You may not be a java addict like myself (but I know there's a lot of you out there!). But even if you're not a slave to the bean juice, you probably still really enjoy a cup here and there, right? Right. Well, I have the perfect product for you...

SweetLeaf SteviaTabs

They are all natural, healthy, and delicious. But OMG are you ready for the absolute best part about them? They don't take up any space in your purse! 

Can I get an Amen?!

For 10 years (yes, I said 10 years), this is what has been in my purse:

Seriously. Do you see this shit? I mean it takes up half of my purse. Wth.

A girl's purse has only so much precious real estate.

This monstrosity took up way too much property for way too long. And let me remind you I have two little girls so I need to have room for everyday items like crayons, doll shoes, rocks, hair bands, wadded up gum in tissues, mini slinkies, and whatever else is handed to me.

Once I learned about all the dangers of artificial sweeteners (which is all they offer at restaurants), I started carrying a baggie of stevia packets around in my purse. No matter what I went to pull out of my purse, out came my behemoth bag of stevia. I cannot tell you how many times that damn thing landed on the ground or caused me to say potty words. 

I lived with this Bag of Obstruction for 10 years.

I mean, was it worth not sprinkling the restaurant poison packets into my hot drinks? Yeah, but geez, it would be nice to find my friggin' lip gloss every once in a while.

Let me show you what it looks like to win a space lottery...

Um... can you even take it? I am not done shoving this down your face. I mean seriously...  just look!

My arrow in the above pic is as big as the stevia container! I know your jaw has dropped open. This is big, folks. BIG!



Behold a Girl-On-The-Go's best friend!

How did I discover this amazing product? Well I was in Georgia visiting my very good friend, Jill. She had these babies sitting right next to her Keurig machine. Every time her and her hubs took my hubby and I out, we'd also use the ones that she kept in her purse. Ya, I should probably send her a container now that I think of it. I'm only five months behind with that thought. Geez, what a shitty friend I am. I need to get it together.

My girlfriend told us a really funny story about these stevia tabs. I thought I should share it, mainly because it's funny but also because you might actually need to know this... so that no one calls the cops.

Her and her husband were out at a restaurant and he had dropped a stevia tab into her coffee. The waitress rushed over and told her that the man she was with just put something in her drink! The waitress thought her hubby drugged her! LOLOL

So just a FYI, someone watching you or your man drop a stevia tab into your drink may think the same thing! Hehe. But, kudos to the waitress for having another sista's back!

Now there are other brands who offer stevia tabs but I have only tried the SweetLeaf brand so I can't vouch for anybody else's product. I buy the bulk 4-pack (4 packs of 100 tabs).  

SweetLeaf also offers liquid stevia drops. There are many flavors such as chocolate, vanilla creme, english toffee, hazelnut, berry, coconut, and more. My fav is the vanilla creme. It's very yummy!

Now the tabs don't work in cold drinks, but the liquid drops do! But in hot drinks, the tabs melt instantly. They are quick and easy for when you're rushing in the morning at home, not to mention they really are the perfect product to have on hand for when you're away from home. 

I don't know about you, but when I'm out running errands I'm often hit by the urgent need to veer into Starbucks to load up on some rocket fuel. And if you're sitting in a restaurant, it's totally awesome to not have to pull out a stevia baggie as big as your head. For reals.


Okay ladies, so here's what you have to do to take the next healthy step in your life:

  1. Get yourself some stevia tabs for your purse for when you're out and about.
  2. Try not to look like you're dropping drugs into your drink.
  3. Or purposely try to look suspicious so that you have funny stories to tell your friends.


Okay, are you ready for some even more reasons to drink coffee? Here's some weight loss tips that will help you justify your coffee habit. You're welcome :)




Whenever you're having a craving for something sweet, drink a cup of coffee (or tea) sweetened with stevia. The sweetness will satisfy your craving and the warm liquid will help make your belly feel full.


*Studies have proven that drinking some java 1-2 hours before you workout can help you lose weight!



  • Burns 15 percent more calories for three hours post-workout
  • Increases your metabolism by 20 percent
  • Stimulates fat burning
  • Improves blood circulation by 30 percent
  • Reduces the amount of muscle pain post-workout by up to 48 percent.
  • Improves endurance during workout
  • Improves exercise performance by 11 percent
  • Helps prevent muscle atrophy
  • Improves memory

*You can read more about these studies HERE.


Drink up, bitches!




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