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How To Pick A Perfect Watermelon

How To Pick A Perfect Watermelon

Warning: Adult language

Please do not read any further if you are offended by adult language.


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It sucks major ass to cut open a watermelon and find out that you got a crappy one.

I don't know about your household, but we're like crack heads for watermelon all summer long. We can't get enough. 

In our house when we get an extra sweet and yummy watermelon, we call it a magical watermelon.

Are you ready for a summer full of magical watermelons?

Okay, this is the realio dealio when it comes to picking out the perfect watermelon. Easy peasy. 

STEP 1: Pick a watermelon that has brown webbing.

In order for the watermelons to grow, bees have to pollinate the flowers on the watermelon plant. This brown webbing is actually scarring that occurs as a result of the pollination. It's a good thing. The more brown webbing there is, the sweeter the watermelon will be. 

If you see black spots on a watermelon, it isn't rot or disease, it's actually sugar seeping from the melon. Again, this is a good thing!

STEP 2: Pick a watermelon that has a nice yellow spot.

The spots on a watermelon are called 'ground spots' and they are a very important part of picking a winner! You want a spot that is yellow in color. That spot is where the melon was touching the ground while it was growing and ripening. 

If there is no spot, or if it's white or light green, the watermelon was picked too early and isn't ripe.

STEP 3: Pick a watermelon that seems heavy for it's size.

Watermelons are over 90% water. This makes them really heavy when they're ripe.

... like



So there ya go! Just follow these three steps and you're good to go. Now every watermelon you buy will be a magical one!


Have you tried this watermelon knife yet? I love mine!

And check out this adorable watermelon cutting board


but wait, I guess they did after all ;)

In our house, there are spontaneous blog photo shoots. The hubs and my girls have come to accept this life. Hehe. I asked my Little Mouse if she'd be down with a watermelon photo shoot. She was game. 

This was the look I got when I instructed her to give me a 'This-is-heavy face.'

"Mom, what are you talking about?"

Aaaaaaaand, after I explained what I meant, this is what I got. Lol.

It didn't take long for her to get into the swing of things. And we had a blast!

I just wanted to add this last one in here to show you that it's totally okay to publish pictures of yourself when you're sweating like a pig, have no make up on, and 

... you look completely bat-shit crazy.

Wait... I think you need a closer view. You know, in case you don't believe me...


See? Completely bat-shit. But it's okay. I've come to an acceptance.

You don't need a blog to have photo shoots. Grab your camera, get your kids, and go have some silly fun... after you go buy a juicy watermelon! 



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