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APPLE CINNAMON PANCAKES: Healthy and Gluten-Free

APPLE CINNAMON PANCAKES: Healthy and Gluten-Free

What the hell do you do with 200 apples? You bake, cook, and griddle your ass off. Well, that's what I do anyway. 

My sister-in-law, Layce, has a beautiful apple tree in her front yard. Every September I'm like an apple fiend. I start to salivate if I'm anywhere in a five mile radius of her house. There have been many times over the years that I've done drive-by pickings. I don't even tell her that I'm at her house. I grab my bags, steal her apples, and then zoom off in my getaway car. I've even taken my little girls on these robberies. Hey, no judging. It's good to get kids excited about eating organic fruits and veggies. 

Believe me, there's no greater excitement than a drive-by apple heist. Besides, it's only considered thievery for a few days until I get around to telling Layce I jacked her tree. Once I confess and she says it's okay, I feel like the slate is wiped clean... until I put my ski mask back on ;) 

Here's my munchkins grabbing as many as apples they can!

For this first batch of the harvest, we skipped the robbery and enlisted a little help from my adorable nieces.

My fearless niece, Ashtyn, climbed to the top of the tree and was throwing us all the best apples.

My niece, Abrianna (with her daddy), played it safe and didn't partake in the tree climbing. I'm with ya, kid.

Our Fall always starts off with lots and lots of delicious apples. My girls know that when we start our apple high jinks, Autumn is just about to start. And there just isn't anything yummier than the apples off of Aunt Layce's tree!

I make all kinds of healthy goodies from our apple bunches, but this year I tried something new. Apple Cinnamon Pancakes. 

Oh. My. God. Yes.

I could not make them fast enough. My kids and hubby were scarfing them down. Holy shiz, I'm telling you they are amazing! They are so sweet and delicious, you do NOT need maple syrup. (But if you do use syrup, don't eat the fake stuff! Make sure you buy pure maple syrup.)

I didn't use a drop of syrup on my pancakes. They tasted like dessert! 

Omg, seriously!

What I love about delicious, healthy recipes is that no one even has a clue that they're eating something whole and nutritious. All they know is that they love it. After feeding your family clean meals that blow their socks off, they automatically start to learn that eating healthy doesn't mean you have to deprive yourself, nor does it mean you have to eat blandly. 

My little girls, who are now 8 and 11, have been eating healthy for seven years now. They don't look at their eating as healthy, they just look at it as normal.

Many people have a hard time losing weight because they start making healthy meals for themselves and all the while they're STILL making different meals for the rest of the family. STOP! Learn to make delectable, healthy food so that you don't have to make two suppers every night. Making one supper is a big enough pain in the ass, who in the world has time for two?

Okay, so are you ready for some serious mommy points? 

Try these pancakes out for breakfast this weekend. Or better yet, why wait? Do a breakfast-for-dinner night! This is the perfect meal to get everyone ready for Fall yumminess. 




Makes 28 Pancakes (Silver Dollar Size)

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1. Mash bananas with a fork in a medium bowl.

2. Add eggs and whisk with bananas.

3. Add diced apples and mix.

4. Add almond butter, cinnamon, nutmeg, *stevia, and vanilla and stir.

*The stevia is optional.

The pancakes are plenty sweet enough on their own without the stevia. However, I have a sweet tooth and I like my pancakes super sweet, especially since I don't use any syrup on my pancakes. If you're going to use syrup, you definitely do not need stevia in this recipe.

5. Grease your skillet/griddle with coconut oil. Med-High heat. I have to say you can make these no problem with a big skillet, but it is much easier (and quicker) with a big griddle.  I love my griddle!


 I find the easiest way to grease my griddle is to use a sandwich baggie as a glove and just smear the coconut oil on.


I heat my griddle between 350 - 400 degrees. 

After the coconut oil heats up, it will turn into a clear liquid.

6. Pour a TBS of batter for each pancake.


It makes things much easier if you use a small spatula!

7. Top with pure maple syrup, honey, or fruit if desired. 

I hope you and your family enjoy these yummy apple cinnamon pancakes as much as we do! 



You might want to also try this 2 INGREDIENT PANCAKE RECIPE! 

(Yes, you read that right. Just 2 ingredients!)



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