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Is Your Deodorant Safe?

Is Your Deodorant Safe?

I'm doing something different today, my peeps! After many requests for videos, I'm finally showing my mug via vlog. I thought it'd be the perfect time to test out a vid since I wanted to show you how to apply an amazing and (more importantly) safe deodorant that I absolutely LOVE! Yes, there really is a safe deodorant that works! I didn't believe it either since I've tried just about every one on the market. But then this gem came along! I swear some of the natural deodorants I've tried actually made me smell worse than if I'd just gone without any at all!

I mean ain't nobody got time for smelling like a rancid Italian hoagie that's been baking in the hot sun! BO is one of the worst smells on the planet! EWWW! 

The smell of BO makes me want to gag. I certainly don't want to put harmful products on my skin, but omg I can't go around smelling like BO either! Well now I don't have to do either because I found a miracle. An armpit miracle! 

I hope you enjoy today's vlog!

Gabby Talks About How You Can Keep Your Pits Safe!

Please keep in mind that my video equipment is not state of the art. I'm simply using Photo Booth on my mac. If there's anyone that still wants me to vlog after this attempt and doesn't dreadfully regret asking to see my ass, I may have to find a better camera.

PS: I don't actually show you my ass in this video! But I do talk about my thoughts on this safe deodorant that I've fallen in love with and I show you how to apply it.

PSS: I'm a weirdo. Just throwing it out there ;)

Warning: Adult language on video

Please do not watch the video if you are offended by adult language.

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Where can you get the all natural and safe deodorant, Piperwai?

1. You can get it directly from www.piperwai.com. The cost is $11.99 plus $4.00 shipping.

2. You can get it from Amazon here. The price is $15.99. Free shipping if you have Amazon Prime. If you don't have Prime, you can get free shipping if you spend $49.00.


Prices on Amazon change constantly. I purchased my Piperwai on Amazon for $11.00, free shipping. The prices go up and down on there so definitely check it out before you order somewhere else. Sometimes Amazon is the cheapest option, sometimes it isn't.

3. GNC is now carrying Piperwai in stores! So you can always drop in your local GNC and pick it up and not have to wait for delivery. The GNC price is $12.99 (Member price is $11.99).

As far as I know, right now GNC is the only brick and mortar store that offers Piperwai. But I'm sure that will change soon after it gets out to the masses how wonderful this stuff works.


The big question... Does deodorant cause breast cancer? Well, I don't know if it does or not. There have been many studies that aim to answer this question once and for all. Unfortunately, there are conflicting findings and theories. It's so hard to know who and what to believe. I'm going to give you both sides here and you'll have to figure out which way you're leaning towards. Which way do I lean? Here's my dealio. I'm going to go with I'd rather be safe than sorry. Now that I've found a safe deodorant that works great, I'm not chancing it. Screw that. I like my boobs. I'm going to do everything in my power to keep them healthy and bouncing all around.

Who says that deodorant is harmful?

The Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry published a study (2011) that found a "significant positive linear correlation" with aluminum and breast cancer risk. Liquid was extracted from the nipples of women with breast cancer. The study found that women who had breast cancer had high levels of aluminum in the breast fluid compared to fluid samples of women who did not have breast cancer.

Another study (2005) states that numerous clinical studies show that the highest incidence of breast cancer happens in the outer quadrants of the breasts. This is the part of the breast closest to our armpits, where we apply deodorants. Aluminum is known to have a "genotoxic profile". This means that it can actually cause changes in our DNA. It can also interfere with the estrogen receptors in human breasts.

Another study (2007) also proved that the "aluminum found in antiperspirants acts as an estrogen mimic and interferes with estrogen's function." What is an estrogen mimic, you ask? Many metals are estrogen mimics. An estrogen mimic is something that isn't estrogen, but tricks the body into thinking it is. This makes them dangerous because they mix in with our actual estrogen receptors and then replace our natural estrogen. So our body ends up not using our own estrogen, but instead uses the 'fake estrogen' that the metal creates. 

Parabens also mimic estrogen. What are parabens? Parabens are chemicals which are used as preservatives. They're mostly found in beauty products, but are also found in pharmaceutical products and even in food. Parabens are found in 85% of our cosmetics, deodorants, skin care products, and hair products. 

One study (2012) found parabens in 99% of the breast cancer tissues they tested. Another study (2015) showed that parabens make certain breast cancer cells grow, even in very tiny amounts.

There are just too many studies supporting the correlation between aluminum and breast cancer as well as parabens and breast cancer to mention them all. At the end of this article, I will provide some links for you to check out on your own.

Who says deodorant isn't harmful?

The Journal of the National Cancer Institute published a study (2002) that looked at 813 women with breast cancer and 793 women with no breast cancer (the control subjects). This study was interview-based where they asked women questions. The findings did not support antiperspirant increasing the risk for cancer.

I have to add here that at the very end of the study posting, this was stated:

"The strength of these results may be limited somewhat by the lack of more detailed information on specific patterns of product use and by the self-reported nature of the data."

An article on breastcancer.org states the claim that antiperspirant chemicals cause breast cancer has no scientific evidence to support it. It goes on to say that:

"Even the strongest antiperspirant doesn't block all perspiration in the armpit. Most cancer-causing substances are removed by the kidneys and released through urine or processed by the liver. Sweating isn't a significant way for your body to release toxins. And while there are concerns about chemicals, such as phthalates and parabens used for fragrance and preservation, from a whole list of personal care products (including antiperspirants) being absorbed by the body, these chemicals are unlikely to be culprits in causing breast cancer."

So who's right?

I sure as hell don't know! I think that no matter how much evidence points to one side or the other, there's always going to be people disagreeing and seeing things differently. I think we all have to research and come up with our own opinions when it comes to our personal health. I'm certainly not claiming to know what dangers deodorants and antiperspirants pose or don't pose for us. However, for the health of my family and myself, I choose to err on the side of caution. If I can find products that work well and have no questionable ingredients in them, then those are the products I will choose to bring into my home. Why take the chance when you don't have to? 


Resource Links:

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