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HOMEMADE GAK: Super Fun Experiment and Play Craft!

HOMEMADE GAK: Super Fun Experiment and Play Craft!

Oh man, do I have a fun activity for you! The kids and grandkids will flip over this! And let me just say, so will you! I cannot believe how much fun this homemade Gak was to make. It was just as fun to make as it was to play with... maybe even more! Not only did this enthrall my girls (7 and 10 years old), but it blew daddy, grandma, and me away too! Seriously, you need to try this. 


It's super easy and only 4 ingredients! Okay are you ready? YES, of course you are! Here we go...



(Printable Recipe)

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  • 8oz of Washable Elmer's School Glue
  • 8oz Hot Water (you will be filling up empty glue bottles with hot water from your sink)
  • Additional 1/2 cup Hot Water (again, just from your sink)
  • 1 tsp Borax (inexpensive and found by the laundry detergents)
  • Food coloring
  • Glitter (optional)

*Safety Note:

This is NOT safe to eat since it contains Borax, so watch children under three closely when playing with this. But with adult supervision, they too can play and have fun!

There have been videos circulating, in relation to slime, stating that it's possible borax can cause some kind of rash/burn. My kids have made this Gak dozens of times with no problems. However, just to be safe, once I heard about the speculations about borax, my kids now wear disposable gloves now when making Gak.

This Gak is not slime. It doesn't have the same consistency, it's much thicker and you can mold it into shapes. But it does also use borax so I thought I'd mention the above note.

*An Important Note On The Glue:

We also tried using Washable RoseArt Glue and Elmer's Stronger Formula Glue. They did not work. The mixtures were way too runny and the food coloring would come off on your hands. It was more like runny slime than Gak. I'm not saying other glues won't work but out of the three glues we tried, only the Washable Elmer's School Glue worked for us.



1. Empty 8oz of glue into a medium-sized bowl.

2. Then fill the empty glue bottle(s) with hot water from the sink.


An adult should do this step because the hot water may pour onto your hands.


3. Shake the bottle(s) really good. SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE! And then empty it into your bowl with the glue and mix.

4. Add food coloring until you reach your desired color. The kids have fun with this! Have them keep adding drops and mixing until they love the color!

You can make all different kinds of colors and have fun mixing the food coloring too! We followed the directions on the back of our food coloring box to make purple, pink, orange, and teal.

BEFORE you mix the Borax water in, you can even add glitter to your Gak! 


These pics were taken after Gak was done. You will be putting your glitter in your watery glue mixture BEFORE the Borax. These pics are what your glittery Gak will look like AFTER you add the Borax.

5. In a separate bowl, mix 1/2 cup hot water with 1 tsp Borax until dissolved (won't take long).

*An adult should do this step.

The kids can mix the Gak once the adult pours the Borax water into the bowl. But an adult should mix the Borax formula and pour it into the Gak bowl.

6. Slowly add the Borax water to your glue mixture, in two or three pours.


Now watch the magic start to happen!!!! 

7. Once the kids mixed it up really good, I would get my hands in the bowl and knead the Gak until all the liquid was soaked up.

OMG, IT IS SO COOL!! It's just amazing to watch this work!


You can make plain white by adding no food coloring. It comes out a really pretty, bright white too! 

For extra fun, we took some of our other Gak colors and added it to a white batch. 

Then we let it sit until the color pieces melted into the white (then we flipped it over and did it to the other side).

Once it was all melded together (it doesn't take long!), we got this really cool rainbow Gak!

Just a warning though, after you play with it for a while, all the colors just kinda blend into one solid color. But we had fun with the rainbow Gak while it lasted! 

Ours eventually turned a pretty light mint green.

You can play and make all kinds of shapes with your Gak. You can even use cookie cutters to get perfect fun shapes!


We went insane. We made tons! We couldn't get enough. We were (and still are) obsessed!

Daddy couldn't help himself. When the girls and I started the experiment, he was in the living room. It wasn't long before he heard all the fun and giggling and came to check things out.

...And it wasn't a minute later before he wanted in on the action! Haha!

Fun stuff, I tell you! Just good old fashioned family fun!

We were all enthralled. The neatest thing ever. Science, baby! Gotta love it. The Borax bonds all of the molecules of the separate ingredients into one solid (and stretchy) mass. We were all diggin' this experiment big time. The best part is that after the experiment is over, you have super cool Gak to play with. My 7 year old has not stopped playing with it. She has made her mommy, daddy, and sissy countless restaurant items. LOL! She even has a menu that we order from!



I really hope you try this experiment with the Littles in your life. They will surely love it... and they'll think you are the coolest person ever! 

I'm still getting props :)


We found that the easiest and most practical way to store our Gak is in sealed containers. It keeps it perfectly preserved and ready for play at any time.

I found 5-Packs of them for super cheap at Ollie's. I'm sure the dollar stores would have them as well. The 25 fl oz containers that we got are the perfect size for a single batch of the Homemade Gak!



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