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VALENTINE'S FOX BOX: Pictorial Included!

VALENTINE'S FOX BOX: Pictorial Included!

This is such an adorable and simple Valentine's box! 

Every year for Valentine's Day, my girls and I have so much fun making their Valentine boxes for school.

It usually takes a while for them to decide on which one they want to make. Not this year, no siree! This year, they both made decisions in nanoseconds. I was shocked. Gianna, my 10 year old, picked a fox box!

When Gia saw a picture of a fox Valentine box, she was instantly excited and immediately wanted to get started.  We came across the picture at  www.littlebitsandgiggles.com but unfortunately there wasn't any instructions. But no worries, we figured it out on our own. It was super simple! 

In fact, Gia completed the box entirely on her own! I am so proud of her!

She did not want any help at all. She wanted to be able to say that she made it all by herself. And now she can!

However,  I must add that I did not allow her to use the razor knife for two very tiny steps so her daddy did those for her :)

Would you like to make your very own Fox Box too? Here's how!


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1. Put box together and tape shut. 

We used a rectangular mailing box that had openings on the far ends. This was nice because the taped sides were hidden from sight when the box was finished.

2. Cut a Valentine mail slot with the razor knife.

Adults only!

*You will cut the mail slot BEFORE you paint the box.

I just simply forgot to take a picture before it was painted. Actually it really wasn't that I forgot, it was because Gia was chomping at the bit to get started and before I could blink an eye, she was already painting!

3. Paint your box!

Here's Gia getting right to business!

The box will need a couple coats, especially if it has writing on it like Gia's did.

4. Make the fox's face.

While you're waiting for your box to dry, you can get started on your fox's heart face. Loosely fold one of your sheets of white card stock in half, draw half of a heart on it, and then cut it out.

Folding the paper loosely ensures that you won't have a permanent crease down the middle of the fox's face and drawing half of a heart while the paper is folded ensures the heart will be perfectly symmetrical. Gia used almost the whole piece of paper. Her heart face was 12" wide and about 11" tall.

After you cut out your heart face, paint a curved section on the top of the heart.

This will still leave a smaller white heart as the 'face' but create 'hair/fur' on the top of the head. You can paint it any color you'd like but Gia chose to use the same red that she used to paint the box (the fox's body).


While you have the paint out, work on the ears next! To make the ears, simply cut out two triangles to whatever size you would like your ears to be and then paint them. Once they're dry, glue them to the back of the heart face.

*An adult should do the hot gluing depending on the age of the child. But close supervision regardless of age.


To create the nose, simply cut a small heart out of the black felt and glue to the very bottom of the face where the heart comes to a point. If you don't have felt, you can use black paper or even just draw a heart with a black marker right on the face.


For the eyes, simply take a black marker and draw them on.

5. Hot glue the face to a piece of cardboard. 

This will ensure that your fox's face will be sturdy and hold up during traveling back and forth to school.


BEFORE you hot glue the face onto the cardboard, make sure you already hot glued the ears on! 

After the hot glue dries, take a razor knife and cut around the heart face.

An adult should do this step!


6. Time to make the bow!

You will be using your decorative paper to make the bow.

If you're feeling confident, you can simply turn your paper over and draw your bow and then cut out. Gia opted to make a template for her bow out of some of the white card stock. She then laid the template over her decorative paper, traced it, and cut it out.

Then she outlined the bow with a black marker to make it stand out.

Gia attached her bow by using double-sided foam tape. 

This gives the bow a three dimensional look.

However, if you don't have foam tape, you can simply glue your bow right to the face. Or you can cut out a couple little squares of cardboard, hot glue them together and then hot glue them between the face and the bow.

7. Make the tail.

On your white card stock, simply draw a tail and cut out. The tail can be any shape and size you would like. Gia drew her tail to be 9.5" long.

After you cut your tail out, draw a tip on it with a pencil and then paint the tail, except for the tip. You'll be going over the pencil with a black marker once the tail is done.

After you're done with your tail, you'll be hot gluing it to the cardboard just like you did with the fox's head.

And again, just like with the face, an adult will cut it out with a razor knife.

8. Hot glue your face and tail onto your box. 

*Again, and adult should do the hot gluing (or supervise an older child).


9. Put the finishing touches on!

Go over the lines of the hair and tail with a black marker.

See how much better just a simple step makes?!

Gia did a super awesome job on her valentine fox box!




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DOGGIE VALENTINE BOX: Pictorial Included!

DOGGIE VALENTINE BOX: Pictorial Included!